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Importance of Bricks in Residential Structure

August 20, 2021

Do your skills brick is often used as a core element in modern residential homes?

Bricks are one of the oldest building materials that humans got adapted for both Residential homes & Commercial structures. India goes back as early as 3000 BC in Early Indus Valley Cities like Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, and Mehrgarh. Production of bricks increased massively after an independent sort of brick architecture, referred to as brick Gothic flourished into places where there was no supply of stone. The components of brick have varied over the amount of your time, taking into consideration the climate, availability of materials and etc.

The Natural color and texture of brick add up to the ambiance with none effort. they will be wont to create an earthy look to the environment. Clay bricks are naturally energy efficient. they need exceptional thermal properties just like the ability to store heat then slowly release it. They adapt well with winter and Summer Clay bricks also are one among the foremost sustainable green building materials. they’re also recyclable, hence not adding up to the Carbon footprint.

Since Brick having some versatile character they’re highly economical & they add texture to an area, have low maintenance cost, are reusable and recyclable & excellent compressive strength. Dzigns architecture and Interiors is one of the best residential designers in Bangalore.

It is also known for its high compressive strength and cargo bearing capabilities. they will be used alongside cement and reinforcement bars to create foundations, walls, load-bearing columns, and beams. It can greatly double as an aesthetic and a structural element which is additionally highly economical. they will be majorly classified into two. Burnt and Sun-dried bricks. Sun-dried is typically used for temporary and non-expensive structures whereas Burnt bricks are often utilized in numerous ways.

The assembling of bricks during a design execution plays an enormous role. In residential homes, they will be aesthetically arranged as jaalis, arches, vaults, and lots more.

After various permutations and combinations of laying of bricks, they will cause a stimulating visual effect on the user. Also, want to create jaali’s. These are often used as facade partitions, internal partitions, and even activity patterns. the quality brick is often assembled Diagonally, vertically, and laterally.

Keeping these key points to enhance the functionality of space will point in the right direction. DZIGNS Bangalore, the simplest interior designer in Jayanagar, is here to assist you to make your dream home, together.


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