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Staircase and their complications

May 24, 2022

Staircases are the most complicated to design and are the most underappreciated part of the design drawing. We at Dzigns Architecture & Interiors deal with this complication seamlessly, thanks to our expertise built over decades of study and research. Thus, we are known to be one of the best architects in and around Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Our team has listed down a few points to be considered while designing a staircase and the list goes like this –

Internal / External – First major question to be asked before ideating the staircase is if the staircase has to be placed in the interior space or the exterior space. The major difference between building a staircase for an interior space and an exterior space is the choice of material. Exterior staircases need to be built of stronger material to stand the test of weather and climate changes, whereas interior staircases are much more protected with a roof and walls.

Location – The location of the stairs in a building plays an important role as we have to make sure that the space is well ventilated and is comfortable to climb up and down the staircase.

Connectivity – The staircase should be planned in such a way that the levels connected by the staircase should be well connected not only spatially but also visually to avoid any accidents occurring due to blind corners.

Aesthetic Beauty – Staircase is just not just a functional element which connects two levels of a building. It is a space which connects a lot of emotions and builds bonds among the occupants of the building. Thus, the aesthetics of the design cannot be ignored.

Storage – Storage comes as an add on that we can choose if we have to utilise the space under the staircase. If we choose so, then accessibility also has to be planned.

Staircase is like a Spine that connects the upper body to the lower body, in other words, it connects the higher level to the lower level and thus designing and execution of the staircase is of high priority. We at Dzigns Architecture & Interiors have mastered the art of doing this very efficiently as per client’s requirements.

Are you planning to build a new house or you are looking at renovating your house? We are here to help you. Dzigns Architecture & Interiors are one of the best Architects in Bangalore, Coimbatore and Tirpur. Visit to connect with us.

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