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Importance of Design in Architecture

May 24, 2022


It is everybody’s dream to either construct a home or any other building at least once in their lifetime. As children we all remember building small toy homes using cardboard and for those who have been to beaches, we are pretty sure we all had build homes or castles with the wet sand there. There is a commonality in all these buildings mentioned above, consciously or unconsciously, we first plan a design before execution. Design is the most critical part of any building as it defines not only looks but also the functionality of the building, be it residential or commercial.

We, team Dzigns Architecture, have listed a few points that signify the importance of design in Architecture –

To Visualize the project outcome – First and foremost purpose of design is to visualise the outcome of the project with respect to the division of spaces, floors and to visualise the 2D and 3D elevations of the building.

To define and divide spaces precisely – The very functional purpose of design is to define and divide spaces precisely, for example, if the project is a manufacturing unit, the design should precisely provide spaces for raw material processing, manufacturing machinery and finished goods storage in a very strategic location and proportion to achieve a seamless production flow. This applies to smaller buildings like homes and retail stores also to strategically position dry and wet areas.

For optimum utilisation of available space – A small piece of land in hands of an excellent designer can achieve so much more than a large piece of land in hands of a poor designer. We have seen both

To utilise natural energy – Ventilation is a major element to be considered in the design stage. Any building without natural light and air flow into the spaces can turn out to become uninhabitable. Thus, natural ventilation should be planned very well at the design stage depending upon the site location and directions. Vaastu is a very famous practice in India to determine the location of living, cooking and bedroom spaces for homes.

To avoid frequent renovations – Renovating a home or a commercial building which is already occupied is further more difficult than building a new structure. With an appropriate design which is future proof, we can avoid all the painstaking process of renovation and all costs involved in the process.

Team Dzigns Architecture & Interiors are a bunch of young and enthusiastic architects and designers who would provide practical and achievable designs which are suitable for your personal taste, choice and budget, keeping in mind the location and natural flow of energy. This makes us one of the best Architects and best Interior designers. We are proud to place ourselves as one of the best architects and best interior designers in and around Jayanagar, Bangalore. We also extend our services to clients in other states all over south India. Please visit to know more.

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