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Genius Ideas for Home Updates with Faux Stone

December 27, 2021

You would have always wished to build a house with some unique features. Well, everyone wishes their house to own a separate identity than other houses nearby. To make your home attractive, you definitely need to come up with something which is unusual and hard-to-see or find concept. A house of cement, bricks or marble is something that everyone knows and has nothing new about it. When thinking out-of-the-box, you need to think of something other than the brick, cement or marble materials. Adding a faux stone touch to your house will completely change its appearance and give your home the desired makeover.


Planters add more elegance to your house. But the so-common huge rectangular cement planters can be found in every house. These faux-stoned designs will make your planters stand out from the numerous other planter designs.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves weave different magic and magnificence to your house if designed properly. Faux stone will just add to the exoticism of your wall shelves. They will give a natural and rustic atmosphere to your home.


Every home needs at least one elegant staircase, be it five stairs or twenty. When coming to designing your staircase, it’s actually a challenging task and you want it to be done with all perfection. This staircase looks simple with not many fancies and this is what makes it look attractive. The faux stoned staircase is one best way to show how efficient you are with your approach.

Kitchen wall

Wanna make your kitchen give an aesthetic appeal? All you need to do is add some faux stones to the walls of your kitchen. This is an unusual and unique home decor idea, which you would have surely seen in your favourite cafes or lounges.


Archways could really be the most fascinating thing in your home is designed beautifully. Adding faux stones to the archways can transform it wholly and can make it a fine abstract piece of art.


You can execute a unique and exotic bookshelf idea to your house without paying much for it. This persists that faux stone can literally suit any style or design.

Stone Pillars

Add a faux stone column to your home’s landscape to instil polish and elegance with the realistic look of stone. They’re more durable than real stones, therefore can resist harsh climate or deterioration. They will add elegant architectural detail to the exterior of your home.


The faux stone design will lend a rustic appeal to your bedroom, making it more charming and relaxing. Both combine a true-to-life, sophisticated look with convenience in your bedroom.


Beautiful bathroom designs can help make the rest of your day that much better. Having the wonderfully realistic touch of faux stone as an accent wall, in your shower, around the tub or as wainscoting can give your bathroom a comfortable and relaxing appeal. They’ll withstand years of abuse with their quality of durability.

With these ideas for home updates, you can expect a huge transformation of your house and offer it a sophisticated and classic look by adding a flavour of faux stones. We at Dzigns Architecture, one of the top architectural firms in Bangalore, provide the best design solutions and execution services. Please do get in touch with us for the best architectural and interior solutions for your homes and offices.

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