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Elements of Architecture of a commercial building

May 24, 2022

The field of commercial architecture has been in place since the very beginning of architecture, and some of those structures are still available today. Roman and Greek architecture included the building of elaborate structures, complete with courtyards and meeting rooms. Today, most architects work in commercial architecture. There are four stages to projects: obtain client requirements, determine site location, create design proposal and submit project plan and costing. Team Dzigns Architecture and Interiors follows the exact same procedure with all clients irrespective of the size and volume of the project.

Client Requirement – First, we meet with the client to understand and define their needs. We meet as many people as possible at different levels of the organisation to understand the practical requirements of their business and the company’s public image.

Site Location – We then visit the site along with the client to understand the environment, for example design for a very urban location with too many buildings will change from the design for a very park like environment. With all the information collected from the client and the observation of the site location, we proceed to the actual function, creating the design proposal.

Design proposal – We create concept drawings and designs for the client to review. Our primary focus would be on the exterior of the building, main floor and office work spaces. We also employ model makers to create a scale model of the design based on the need and demand. This helps the client to visualize the final product.

Prepare detailed project plan – Once the conceptual design has been approved, the technical and costing aspect of commercial architecture begins. We prepare detailed project plans, time lines, costs and decision points. This project plan forms the basis of the quotation and must be approved by the client before any work begins.

We at Dzigns Architecture and Interiors make sure that all the processes are followed without any deviation to avoid any confusion or rework that may arise at any point of construction and changes after construction begins ends up with a huge loss of labour hours and financial costs. We ensure that each and every step is religiously followed without fail which makes us one of the best architectural firms in Bangalore and other South Indian states. Visit to connect with us or to know more.

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