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Creative Designs to Level up your TV Viewing experience

April 30, 2022



From stylish glass to glossy panels TV units have come a long way in design. We at Dzigns Interiors, one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore, bring you the best of the best. Our design ideas for TV units in your living room are going to spunk up your space.

TV units today have become versatile both with purpose and functionality. No longer do TV sets hold viewers hostage to a cricket match or the latest blockbuster movie. In lounge rooms and bars TV is a point of convergence – the axis of social interactions and banter. At homes, urban dwellers have dedicated spaces for TV units, home theatre systems and other recreational gadgets. And for others, binge watching in the bedroom after a long day of work continues to be household tradition.

TV units therefore have become an integral part of home interior design with millennials. It’s an indispensable piece of style. It can even upgrade the appearance of your room several notches. In any case, you’ll have to ensure that the structure of your TV unit matches the dimensions of your living your room. And so, we bring TV unit designs ideal for you – those that are adaptable to varied room sizes and gorgeous to look at as well!

Contemporary TV Unit Design – Place your TV screen against a Wooden Panel and cleanly designed shelves on either side. Contemporary or present-day TV units are slender in structure and attractive in appeal. They definitely look better than a simple table top for your brand-new plasma or LED television. This type of TV unit is a great addition to living room narratives both in terms of style and slickness of design.

Sleek TV Unit Design – Mount your TV on the wall over an unattached cabinet for a clean sleek look. The sleek TV unit is a perfect fit for lounge or family rooms. This type of unit is easy to fit in any given area and occupies less space. These mounted TV units have become a hot trend in apartment complexes. With shrinking sizes of apartments, this TV unit design works wonders when space is a constraint. Bring in some LED strip lighting to brighten up your living room without going over the edge.

Low Shelf TV Unit Design – Perfect for small rooms, this low shelf TV unit makes for a clutter free look. From a basic, low rack in your living room that can hold substantially more than the TV to measured units to adjust to your requirements, your decision here is based on your living room size. Items such as books, DVD, CD player or any other small items can be fitted inside shelves of low-lying TV units.

TV Unit Designs for Small Living Rooms – This TV unit has Inbuilt storage for Gadgets and shelves to display Décor. Without doubt this is the most well-known type with Indian home owners today. Space isn’t a luxury many can afford, especially in larger cities and metros. In the small living rooms, a running TV unit combined with open racks can be particularly useful. This is especially great if your old TV unit is untidy and takes up excessive space. Try this and transform your living room!

Wall Mounted TV Unit Design – Mount your screen on a wall facing your bed for a minimalistic look. If those sleek TV units are too staid for your taste and you need colour opt for a wall mounted TV unit. These are self-supporting units that utilise the perpendicular space of your living room. With a metallic or any other shimmer frame these tall and wall fixed units are ideal for those who wish to enjoy their favourite TV shows from the kitchen or dining room.

Wooden TV Unit Design – A textured backdrop with contrasting cabinets below is a sophisticated design idea. The beauty of your living room lies in texture of your walls. Wood, without a shadow of doubt is a popular pick among gadget homeowners. TV units made with wood introduce colour and visual differentiation without interfering with the overall decor of your living room. Wood begets comfort and appeal and such TV units are characterised by straight and clean lines.

Glass TV Unit Designs – If you want to keep it simple and clean, glass is the way to go. Glass TV units are for those who love everything Nordic. Scandivian style of interior design is characteristic of clean and spacious spaces – this means the area around your TV needs to be free of junk. Glass units brighten up spaces and liven up living rooms as well.

Uniquely designed unit to go along with the TV can instantly make your TV unit the showstopper of your living room. Let those heads turn the next time you invite friends and family over! To get a custom-made TV unit that poses as a signature for your style statement, get in touch with our team of best interior designers in Bangalore. Visit for more details and visit our offline store for a free consultation.

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