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Prominence of lighting in Interior Design

July 24, 2021

It’s a well-known fact that light plays a crucial role in improving the overall allure of a design. Lighting allows us to influence the mood and perception of colors. This fact alone proves how essential lighting is in every artistic endeavor. Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to space, bringing an interior design project to life. We need light, not because we are unable to see things in the dark rather great lighting creates depth and height, cozy spots, and draws attention to the most impressive areas, and impacts a soothing impression in the minds and hearts of the onlookers. It might seem like a very easy task to do, but in fact, it actually requires a lot of skill and experience in order to pull off something that is exceptionally magnificent and that transforms the overall appearance of your spaces. In this blog, I will be sharing a few insights on the importance of lighting and the crucial role that it plays in the interior design of a space.


The use of light and shade makes a room feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric too. We use a combination of lights to create depth, illusion, highlights, and so on.  In order to create a vast interest and depth in a room, there is the use of an artistic combination of lights such as combining downlights, uplights, wall lights, floor lights, hidden lights, feature lights, and integrated architectural lights. Different combination strategies are used for different solutions.

Natural lighting is the deft use of sunlight to an interior designer’s advantage. The designers will monitor how sunlight enters the space as it will affect where everything is positioned. In a living space with expansive glazing, daylight will pour in making it feel bright and open. It is always advised to learn about the natural lighting of space before choosing colors for an interior design project, and the best way to compliment the amount of natural light is to learn where the room is facing.

Artificial lighting is the elaborate usage of light bulbs or any other sort of light-emitting fixture that helps in influencing the mood and atmosphere of the vicinity. It also helps in the creation of visual stimulation, enticing the onlookers to accentuate specific features in the space. Artificial lighting helps in spotlighting the room’s edges- broadening the perspective of the room. From brightly lit family restaurants creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness to a dimly lit dinner that requires intimacy, there are dozens of lighting designs that can amplify the overall experience and atmosphere of the place.

Decorative lighting is actually artwork. They are installed to improve the overall allure of the space. Decorative lighting such as a dramatic pendant, a pretty wall lamp, or a feature lamp can add up the attractiveness of the room. A good interior designer will combine decorative lighting with architectural lighting and the perfect combinations result in a blissful outcome. Architectural lighting encompasses a combination of concealed lighting placed within the architecture or joinery. Hey, help in emphasizing and highlighting details and also provide general illumination. When integrated into joineries such as shelving, cupboards, or architectural coffers, this lighting offers the depth, areas of interest, and layers of light around the room. A successful and flexible lighting scheme will always have a mix of decorative and architectural lighting.


As we saw earlier the prominence that light plays in the interior designs of space, there are various types and kinds of lights and lights that do the magic, we will be looking into them in further blogs later. With the large ability to influence the overall mood and environment of a room, lighting is the most prominent element to consider while designing a space. Lighting not only influences the mood or allure of space but is beneficial in creating optical illusions like altering the perceived size of the space. Keeping these key points to improve the functionality of space will point in the right direction. DZIGNS architecture and interiors, the best interior design firms in Bangalore, is here to help you to create your dream home, together.


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