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How to increase spaces in your home

June 22, 2021

Make small homes feel larger-

With sustainable buildings garnering interest in a challenging economic crisis, people are now opting for smaller footprints that make the most use of the space available without compromising on style or luxury.

D ZIGNS is one of the best architects in Jayanagar, Bangalore has put the below together to help you maximize space while you build a home of luxury and comfort.

Define your spaces and combine them where possible- Everyone loves an open space. Having an open kitchen that is connected to the living room and/or dining room has been a trend for some time now. To enjoy the open feel, but yet have each space defined, you should work with your architect to incorporate subtle separation techniques. Having columns, sunken sitting areas that change floor height, adding glass partitions, or simply changing your flooring design will clearly define your spaces. D ZIGNS is here with more options, just a click away.

Go clutter-free – Clutter not only makes you feel lethargic but also uses up a huge amount of space. Assign a place for everything and follow the rule of ‘put it back in its place after you use it. Have a built-in organization system rather than just rods for a more systematic approach to arranging your wardrobe. Add bulletin boards, art wire, or other accessories to keep your work desks as clutter-free as possible.

Light up your homes – Light not just floods your home with visibility and energy, it can also make your home space look larger. A ribbon of windows above your kitchen cabinet, a high window in your bathroom that will also ensure privacy, are small but important ways to keep natural light coming in. For artificial lighting use cool lighting rather than make the space look bigger.

Plan your bedroom storage – Bedrooms act as a safe haven when you want to just drop after a busy day. You wouldn’t want to walk into a messy bedroom. Try to store your seasonal clothing in a bed storage container that will make more space in your wardrobe. Organize your closet in areas for clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, etc.

Have minimal furniture and light upholstery – Avoid having more furniture than required. Excessive furniture reduces space in your home making it look smaller than it is. Contrasting colors tend to break up space making it look smaller than it is. Matching furniture and upholstery that complement the design philosophy make your spaces look bigger. Use colors of the same family. Avoid heavy fabrics and stick to light airy fabrics that will add to the open feeling you want to have in your home.

Use more glass and mirrors– Glass allows light in addition to having a more dramatic effect in your homes. Being able to see beyond a table, for example, gives an impression of an area bigger than its actual space. Have more reflective objects in your house that make your home look spacious. A mirror in the living room for example reflects light and creates an illusion of a larger space.

Priding ourselves as one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore, we at D ZIGNS look forward to helping you plan your homes smartly without letting you compromise on a spacious, open living environment.

Identified as celebrated residential designers in Bangalore, stand-out architects in Tirupur and Coimbatore, D ZIGNS has all the expertise you will need.


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