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A New Kitchen – in your Budget

September 24, 2021

Are you planning a make-over for your kitchen? Fresh designs that you like are out of your budget?

There are many ways of doing a quick update, focusing on just one area of the kitchen… but the kitchen needs to be in reasonable condition to make it worthwhile. A change of color, the addition of some open shelves, or even a simple de-clutter can all make a huge difference.

Here are a few aspects of your kitchen, changing which will give your kitchen a fresh look, keeping the cost under check –

Floor – Start with the flooring, if the existing flooring isn’t doing the scheme any favors, try out a new floor design. As long as the sub-floor is dry and even, try replacing the old floor, it could be a DIY project to lay new laminate, solid or engineered timber planks, or even ceramic or porcelain tiles could work wonders.

Work Surfaces – If work surfaces need replacing, check out the latest laminates, which replicate real stone or timber at a fraction of the price of the real material.

Cupboard – Cabinets can be painted for a straightforward make-over. Cupboard doors and drawers can be sanded, primed, and painted.

Shelf – A tidy kitchen always looks more streamlined. Keep open shelves under control – refresh them with a new paint job and create a neat and organized display space. Putting up simple shelves will make a real difference to the way the kitchen is used.

Wall – The simplest budget updates revolve around the walls… a new coat of paint works wonders in most circumstances. You could also consider a colorful large-scale patterned wallpaper or even a full-wall picture mural to change the look of the wall.

Whether you have a huge kitchen space that needs updating, or a compact area that needs to be practically functional, we have the perfect kitchen to suit your needs. Our team at Dzigns is able to guide you through the whole process of buying and/or setting up a traditional/contemporary or a fusion kitchen, from start to finish. If you’re up for a complete transformation, connect with us at the Dzigns interiors team.


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